My experience with fertility problems

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

How can I help you with fertility problems?

I was diagnosed with a low AMH level when I was 35 years old. It was a massive shock and I was told by the fertility doctors I would struggle to conceive naturally, and even my IVF chances were low. However, after just one round of IVF accompanied by regular acupuncture, I was pregnant and my son Freddie is now 7 years old.

My first hand experience means I know everything there is to know about the highs (and lows!) of the IVF process as I have lived and breathed it. So I can support you throughout the entire process with my wisdom and with amazing acupuncture. There are many things we can do to support your IVF process including the Paulus Protocol which is proven to improve pregnancy rates.

My second son Ralphie, now 5 years old, was amazingly conceived naturally with the help of regular acupuncture to reduce my stress levels, anxiety and improve sleep quality.

If you need help with fertility, whether that's through ART or natural conception, feel free to call experienced acupuncturist Angela Wallis on 01323 819157 or email



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